Healthy Cooking 101

Learn the 12 Easy Cooking Techniques to make 1000's of healthy meals your family will actually eat!

Most families cook an average of ten meals over and over - night after night.  Change a few of these meals to nutrient dense whole food meals and radically increase your health.

Kelly M. Miller

Feeling Good starts with Our Food.

  • Do you know what foods make you feel food and allow your body to be healthy?

    What is nutrient dense whole food?

    Whole food is food that is as close as it can be found in nature. Food that is not processed, refined or enriched. Food that has no artificial colors or preservatives.  Examples: Leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, seafood, meat, and eggs. 

    When you eat nutrient dense whole food you can expect:

    Being less hungry between meals.
    Having more energy.
    Proper elimination and assimilation of the food you eat
    Thinking clearer
    Less sugar and caffeine cravings, especially those mid-day cravings!
    Get Sick Less
    Softer & Clearer skin
    Fewer Allergies
    Better sleep
    Weight loss

  • Now's the time to get Healthy Cooking 101

    This ebook is for you if:

    1. You've tried diets that don't work.
    2. You want to get healthy.
    3. You want to lose weight.
    4. You have a medical condition which requires you to eat better.
    5. You know you need to make changes to the food you eat.

    You might have some concerns:  Does this sound like you?

    1. It costs lots of money to eat healthy and you need fancy kitchen equipment.
     I actually pay less in groceries because we eat good food and find that we eat less, which costs less.  As far as kitchen appliances, I make everything with simple appliances such as a blender, a good knife, and limited utensils. 

    2. I don't have time to cook healthy meals everyday, or I'm single and cooking for one sucks.
    I will show you tricks to cut cooking times in the kitchen.  I generally cook once a week where I prepare five days of food.  I reheat them when we want and it works great for busy nights.

    3. My family doesn't like health food. 
    I show you how to adjust your meals so everyone can enjoy the meal and suit the seasoning to their needs.  It's a simple yet effective trick and it works!

    4. I've tried to eat healthy and ate (insert trendy healthy food) which made me sick.
    When you start to eat new foods especially good food after years of poor food choices, you can have a cleansing period where you get head and body pains, skin irritations, and irregularity.  Your body goes through a period of adjustment.  Be gentle and know it may happen. 

    5. I am so busy with an on the go lifestyle. There's no time to cook.
    See # 2

    6.  I travel so much.  It's so hard to eat well when you travel.  
    Once you learn habits of incorporating whole foods into your eating habits, you will be able to pick out the best foods of those options available to you. 

    7. There isn't a health food store close to me.
    That's okay, because I show you how to find the best food options in any grocery store.

  • Kelly M. Miller Author of Healthy Cooking 101

    Get Started Today and start your step by step guide to becoming the healthy and happy person you know deep down you can be. Forget the fad diets, pills and potions. Get Healthy by learning about whole foods, healthy cooking, and how to integrate them into your diet and lifestyle. I've made it easy.

    Eating nutrient dense whole food healthy meals is what we need to be concentrating on the most.
    No more than counting calories, over exercising, or dieting. 

    You might be thinking:

    Will I be in the kitchen cooking all the time?
    No, not at all. This course is about making changes, little by little, to start living healthier. When you take small steps it should not disrupt your current cooking schedule because you aren't radically making dramatic changes. If anything You will save time cooking after using my tips!

    What if I am a picky eater? I'm afraid I won't like the recipes.
    I focus this book on educated choices and experimentation, not structured recipes. There are hundreds of combos you can create once you learn the basics. You may be surprised at how many things you like. Remember, to have an open mind! If my picky teenager has learned to love healthy food, I believe you can too. (See Inside the Book Below for the Recipe Index)

    What if I am REALLY busy? Is this a lot to remember? 
    Instantly download the ebook and read it when you can. Everything can be done at your own comfortable pace.

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What You Can Expect from Healthy Cooking 101

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What you get:

  1. Learn the benefits of Eating Real Food so you know what foods are best for you.
  2. Done for you Shopping Guides which means you will know how to get nutrient dense whole foods in your diet & shopping cart.
  3. 12 Cooking Techniques which means now you cook healthy meals with ease.
  4. Tips on Spices & Condiments that work so your family will love the healthy meals just as much as your old recipes.
  5. Meal Planning Guides so you can have endless meal options.
  6. Cookbook with 60 recipes & 78 Meal Ideas so you can Start Right Now.
  7. Confidence that you can cook healthy meals your family WILL ACTUALLY EAT & ENJOY.
  8.   Customer Support from Author Kelly Miller
  9.  Get Your Lifetime Access to updates to the ebook
  10.        Most importantly: Start Today:  Eat Real Food = Feel Good. 

Start Now:

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Why I wrote the book

I am mom to a fabulous teenage daughter, who through the years has figured out this healthy cooking thing to make it easier for you. I have spent years learning and studying cooking techniques, recipes, and dietary theories from across the world. 

Being a holistic health coach, I have read and attended lectures on just about every food theory out there.  Healthy Cooking 101 is the simplified sum of the similarities I have connected through all my research. 

I'm good at looking at things from a different angle.  I broke down the process of healthy cooking so you don't have to.  

My daughter was the inspiration for my love and passion for health and wellness.  I first started to clean up my diet when I was pregnant.  I attribute my perfect baby to what I ate while I was pregnant.  She was happy and healthy until I stopped watching the food she was eating.  After a few years of allowing processed foods, sugar, and an abundance of dairy and animal products into her diet, I saw a huge change.  It scared me and shifted my perception from "It's what THEY put in the food" to "There's got to be a better way!" I turned to research and dove in to fix her health right away.  It appalled me to learn how much poison I was voluntarily feeding my family.  I'm still shocked with what has become the standard of food. Truth is it doesn't have to be this way.  Healthy eating is very manageable. 

Today I've helped so many learn about food, take these straightforward steps to start eating better, and feel the difference real food makes in our lives.  I truly love cooking and sharing what I know with others.  

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